Studio B/One, Winterthur - in the heart of Winterthur

Studio B/One, Winterthur Louis Bunt Studio B/One, Winterthur
The personal training Studio B/One was opened by Louis Bunt in 2007.  It is located in the heart of Winterthur, right beside the main train station.  The studio is situated in a bright, newly built loft in the Sulzer Areal.

Louis Bunt was trained as a professional dancer at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Canada.  Later, he studied Ballet Pedagogy in Vienna for 4 years, instructed in the USA, Europe and in Switzerland. In addition, he also held a professorship for 8 years at the Department of Modern Dance at the ASVZ, the Sports Organisation of the University and the ETH Zurich.

Louis Bunt offers GRANDER® revitalized water to all his guests at Studio B/One.  The GRANDER® revitalized water is more enjoyable to drink; he and his clients prefer drinking GRANDER® water.