Yoga Studio at Tegernsee Lake to Introduce GRANDER® Revitalized Water

We chant ‘Ommmm’ and feel revitalized all around

Yoga Studio at Tegernsee Lake to Introduce GRANDER® Revitalized Water © YOGA LOUNGE Tegernsee
GRANDER® revitalizes the YOGA LOUNGE – the new hot spot for a modern lifestyle at Tegernsee lake.

YOGA LOUNGE is a studio for people looking for relaxation and balance in life, who enjoy meeting like-minded people and who always embrace change as an opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

Yoga consists of manifold movement and meditation techniques. It is neither sports nor religion. Instead, it is training for both body and mind.
On the physical level, practicing yoga improves strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and it also activates, invigorates, and relaxes the practitioner.

When you embark on the yoga path, there is no way around healthful nutrition. And this clearly calls for GRANDER® revitalized water.

YOGA LOUNGE does away with the boring old cliché of yoga that has you sitting on a mat, inhaling incense and listening to monotone chanting. In this studio, yogis enjoy a holistic training of both body and mind. GRANDER® revitalized water supports the amazing effects of yoga.

  ‘To us, GRANDER® water feels very soft. It has a distinctive, fine taste and is easy to drink. You automatically drink more water, and for our students, it is another quality feature of our studio that we offer GRANDER® water,’ say Isabelle Strikos and Andrea Stumböck.




Isabelle Strikos & Andrea Stumböck

Münchner Straße 134

83703 Dürnbach/ Gmund am Tegernsee

+ 49 152 245 048 19 (Isabelle)

+ 49 174 619 048 7 (Andrea) 


Hotline +800 000 20335

Free phone international service number for calls from AT, DE (Landline, mobile), IT (Landline), CH (Landline), ES (Landline), FR (Landline)


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