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Better coffee with GRANDER®

Edmund Mayr, founder of the Coffee Museum: With GRANDER® the coffee simply tastes better @ Springhorn Media Edmund Mayr, founder of the Coffee Museum: With GRANDER® the coffee simply tastes better
Edmund Mayr founded the Coffee Museum in 2003 as part of the Austrian Society and Economic Museum. Most exhibits are from his private property. This treasure looks back on 50 years of passion and patience of its collectors.

Some time ago Edmund Mayr discovered that his coffee made with GRANDER® revitalized water tastes much better: "Coffee has 1,300 ingredients and 800 aromas, 2% of the coffee are irrelevant, because the 98% water is always crucial. This means you can go for a coffee somewhere, then go to the next village and have a different taste experience again, "says Edmund Mayr.

He has been experimenting for some time and found out that the coffee, which has been prepared with revitalized water, is much stronger and tastier than the one with conventional water.

In addition to the improved taste, GRANDER® also requires less grinding material.  "Someone could have brought me the most expensive coffees and machines in the world, but if the water is not right, then there's no use - because that makes all the difference."



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