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Dinzler Coffee Roasting Establishment - coffee is our life © Springhorn Media
In 2000 the Richter family decided to have GRANDER® water revitalisation installed in their Dinzler Coffee Roasting Establishment in Irschenberg, Germany.  "We discovered through taste trials that the coffee made with GRANDER® was smoother, softer and overall more flavourful, and we also find that through GRANDER® the aroma of the coffee unfolds much better," Katrin Richter reports.

Coffee was a scarce commodity in 1950.  Therefore, Otto Dinzler decided to open a coffee roaster at his grocery store in his home town of Bischofswiesen, which turned out to be a very good idea.  The coffee business started to flourish.

At the end of the 90's the Richter family took over the business and implemented an innovative strategy.  The new business was opened in a stylish industrial building in the heart of Rosenheim and turned into a small, yet refined coffee adventure world with roasters, warehouse and cafe all under one roof.

Katrin Richter:

"We roast very gently and in small amounts using the classic drum roaster, in this way the "soul" of the coffee is maintained.  After the trial roasting, the coffee is tasted by experts at our establishment.  We produce per order fresh daily and avoid storage time.

Our money should benefit the coffee farmers in the country of origin, therefore we buy high-quality coffee directly from the coffee farmers of small plantations without going through a middle organisation.  Consequently, the farmers earn considerably more than market value for their coffee.  The farmers have the chance to optimize their cultivation and thus their harvests.  He can support his family and offer his children a possibility of education.

In addition to these social aspects, we also consider the environmental aspect.  Our coffee farmers do without the help of machines and artificial fertilizers and consciously avoid monoculture, therefore you can find other plants such as banana and avocado trees on tehir farms.  The coffee beans are carefully picked by hand, peeled, washed and dried.

The "added" costs and effort are gladly accepted here at Dinzler, since this guarantees a long-term and socially equitable co-operation and the best quality.



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