HLF School of Tourism Krems

Making water on the table presentable

Why they chose to equip their facility with GRANDER® drinking fountains is explained by Board member Gottfried Steurer in one sentence: "It is important for us to maintain water as our most precious resource and to make it presentable on the table." 

For more than 10 years the HLF School of Tourism Krems has been awarded multiple times with the Austrian and European Environmental Award for their ecological efforts.  Equipping the school with GRANDER® drinking fountains complements this strategy brilliantly.

Stagnation is Regression

According to the motto “stagnation is regression” the School of Tourism HLF Krems is meeting the constantly growing demand of the market.  For some years now the industry has been aware of the increasing interest in topics concerning water shown by their guests.  Companies like Grander, Roemerquelle and other companies offering water can confirm this trend.  Water experts have profound knowledge pertaining to all kinds of water used in the restaurant and hotel industry, which covers promotion and sales strategies, possibilities within service and applications in the kitchen as well as an alternative to alcohol.

Certified Specialists

On Nov. 18th, 2010 the first “certified water exam” took place at the HLF School of Tourism in Krems, Austria.  Twenty-one excellently prepared students passed the exam carried out for the first time in Austria with top results. Lessons were held by knowledgeable experts in the field and superb, well-educated teachers of the HLF School of Tourism.  During the next heat wave in summer the water professionals will already be at work.


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