Muerzhofen Kindergarten

Drinking adequate amounts of water keeps one fit and healthy

At the kindergarten in Muerzhofen, great emphasis is placed on the topic of health, and for this reason the yearly project "Experience water will all your senses" was developed.

For Andreas Gurdet, director of the Muerzhof kindergarten, the topic of health is an important educational goal.  For many years gardening, kneipp therapy, forest days, healthy snacks and much more have been part of their every day life at kindergarten.

The yearly project: "Experience water with all your senses" was researched in nature and truly came alive through stories, books, songs, games, creative activities, cooking, water experiments and exciting stream visits.

Of course, a healthy approach to water was emphasized.  A special gift was given to the kindergarten, namely a GRANDER® drinking fountain, which was initiated by the mayor, Franz Harrer.

This was installed in the snack corner having a suitable height for the children.  The practical and easy technology of the fountain enables even the youngest can fill their glass or cup with water.  Now, the children grab a drink of fresh tap water more frequently than before.

Because, drinking enough water makes you fit and healthy, as every child knows...


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