Municipality Baar

Town hall Fountain, Old People's Home and Pool

The fountain installation at the town hall in Baar was greatly hampered by algae and heavy calcification in the fountains. "Our sand filters and light rows in the fountains had excessive limescale and had to be cleaned and repaired with great effort," the head of the public properties/sport explains.

"While searching for a solution, such as the installation of a water softening unit, we stumbled upon GRANDER®."

""It was decided to test GRANDER® for one season.  This led to astonishing results.  The hard deposits in the sand filter were gone.  Due to the improved water quality the use of chemicals could be reduced and maintenance costs were decreased as well.  The experience with the fountain moved the department of public properties/sport to install the GRANDER® water revitalisation in the old people's home in Bahnmatt.

The discolouration of the water and the taste of iron, which have been affecting the drinking water for years now, were almost completely eliminated. Savings were noticed in the use of less laundry detergent."

In the meantime GRANDER® is also in use in the indoor and outdoor pools in Laettich.  They want to reduce the use of chemicals and save on costs.  Nevertheless, the stipulated water quality must always be fulfilled.

Feedback from the bathing guests confirm that GRANDER® water is more pleasant and softer on their bodies.

Additional Info

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