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Children thoroughly enjoy swimming lessons at Aqua Vitalis. @Roland Rietkoeter Children thoroughly enjoy swimming lessons at Aqua Vitalis.
The Aqua Vitalis - therapy, swimming, fitness and wellness - is located in the beautiful district of Muenster-Mauritz, Germany.  As an experienced physiotherapist, Dr. Schacht knew the advantages of GRANDER® water revitalisation from using it over a longer period of time, so it was only a matter of time before an optimization of the available services through GRANDER® took place.  

The Aqua Vitalis is comprised of the swimming instruction Aqua Vitalis (owner Ulla Kramwinkel) as well as the physiotherapy practice of Dr. Erhard Schacht with classic physical therapy, biomedicine, rehabilitation sport, fitness courses and training areas. In the "Vitality" area, both wellness and feel good massages with natural products are offered.  Highly qualified sport and gymnastic instructors, therapists and the long-standing medical experience of Dr. Schacht make the Aqua Vitalis to an unique competence centre, when it comes to one's health and quality of life. 

Ulla Kramwinkel is an athlete one of the oldest owners of a swimming school in Germany.  In 32 -degree- water both children and adults learn to swim in small groups.  Aqua fitness courses for pregnant women, for seniors or as a fitness power course are some of the highlights that delight all water fans.

The comprehensive range of offers around health at Aqua Vitalis has been supported for years now through the central installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation both in the drinking water and in the swimming pool system.

This benefits the visitors and patients in the form of noticeably pleasant water.  Whether in the swimming pool, under the shower or while enjoying a drink at the fountain in the fitness room, the customer can enjoy the value of GRANDER® revitalisation, the optimally complements the quality at Aqua Vitalis.

The positive feedback by guests happened quickly, "The chlorine smell in the swimming pool, in the exhaust air and on the textiles is all but gone," and "especially our therapists notice how soft the water is on the eyes and pleasantly mild on the skin." Even patients with skin problems are very impressed and like swimming in the GRANDER® water a lot.

"Our technical devices are as heavily calcified, and we require fewer chemicals for our swimming pool water" Ulla Kramwinkel explains.  "And our coffee tastes much better since we have GRANDER® water revitalisation in our building."

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