Blu Fit, Bergamo, IT – Revitalized Swimming Pool

Swimmers love revitalized water

To further improve the water quality, an essential property of any swimming pool, the operators of the Blu Fit, a public pool in Bergamo, Italy, equipped their facilities with a GRANDER® system already in 2013.

Giuseppe Regazzoni and Edoardo Scaburri, the managers of the Blu Fit in Bergamo, can look back on many decades of operating public outdoor and indoor pools and thus know what’s important when it comes to water quality.

To them, the quality of the water makes or breaks a public pool: not only is it vital for the guests’ experience, it also impacts the stability of the water and the cleaning expenses of the operators.

Upon evaluating a large host of systems and solutions, the Blu Fit operators decided to go with GRANDER® water revitalization. Having seen the effects, they now also use GRANDER® in their private homes and are regarded as water quality pioneers by other pool operators in northern Italy. Time and again, Beppe (Giuseppe) Regazzoni is asked to reveal the secret behind the outstanding water quality and GRANDER® water revitalization.

It is not only other pool operators who ask about their water – the Blu Fit also receives enthusiastic feedback from its about 3,000 registered customers on a regular basis. Swimmers particularly appreciate the absence of a chlorine smell and the water’s gentle and soft feel. The biggest fans are probably the children of all school levels who regularly have their swimming classes at the Blu Fit. ‘The water does not irritate the eyes, and it is easy to comb your hair after swimming,’ many children report.


>> Watch the video to find out more about the effects of GRANDER® at the Blu Fit:



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