Indoor Pool Mittersill at Sport Hotel Kogler - dive in, jump out, swim away

GRANDER® water means pure vitality

Both the indoor pool in the recreation centre as well as the outdoor pool in the popular holiday destination and National Park centre Mittersill near Salzburg, Austria have been revitalized since 1996.  Herbert Scharler, the local councillor at that time, was sceptical at the beginning.  The optimisation of the chemical usage through GRANDER® won him over.  

The indoor pool of the Sport Hotel Kogler has its very own speciality:  swimming for babies.  From the third month onwards the babies are familiarised with the element of water.  "Revitalized water by Johann Grander has an irresistible appeal for babies!"

Christine Hahn from the swimming school says: "Swimming and playing together in the water brings joy to parents and babies alike.  Babies have a special connection with water, humanity's original element.  Even before being born they feel safe and secure, floating in amniotic fluid.  No wonder that the revitalized water has such an irresistible appeal for babies!"

For its very origin water has a special power that can be lost through environmental influences and the transport through pressurized pipes.

Through the contact with the information water by Johann Grander, water is given the capability to rebuild its original strength and order allowing it to regenerate itself and also strengthens its self-cleaning ability.  The extraordinary thing in all this is actually the way revitalized water regains its properties, that are only found in a few waters in nature today.

Juliane Kogler, senior boss and long-time GRANDER® expert consultant knows:

"The GRANDER® water revitalisation returns our water to what water should be: natural, invigorating and healthy day-in day-out.  We can feel it and taste it as well."



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