Lechrain Swimming Pool - a feel-good swimming experience

Both pupils and rescue swimmers enthusiastic about GRANDER® water

In the indoor swimming pool of the elementary and middle school of Lechrain Aindling, situated 20 km north of Augsburg, Germany, a GRANDER® water revitalisation device was installed upon the renewal of the filter system.  The proven savings as well as the numerous other benefits for the pupils and bathing guests were the main reasons for the investment.

After the installation of the GRANDER® water revitalisation the elementary school's swimming pool experienced an increased number of guests through the 6 addition schools and through the participants of the aqua gymnastic classes.  The members of the water rescue team also trained in this pool on a regular basis.

Despite the increased use in the normal and sport areas with higher amounts of sweat and dirt in the pool, there was no need to increase the amount of cleaning agents, whereas the chlorine value could be reduced from 0.6 to the legally stipulated minimum value of 0.3 mg/l.

During a training session of the water rescue team invoiving people, who knew nothing about the use of GRANDER®, they noticed the good water quality and inquired what had been done to the water because it felt so soft on their skin and didn't smell like chlorine.

Guenther Bueschl, the school's headmaster, is pleased to say:

"The expectations, which we had for the GRANDER® water revitalisation, were completely met."


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