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SanuraSPA, Bauma Manuela Sägesser SanuraSPA, Bauma
The name SanuraSPA is derived from the Sanur Beach in Bali, which I personally enjoy returning to very much.  Sanur Beach is also called "the dorr to Bali".  SPA comes from the Latin term "Sanus Per Aquam", meaning health through water. 

Our symbol is the lotus blossom, which is one of the oldest and most profound symbols of our planet.  The beautiful flower flourishes in muddy waters, grows up over the top surface and blossoms into its beauty.  At night, the flower closes and retracts back under the water again.  They are once again visible at dawn when they "resurface" and open up to the new day.  Untouched by the impurities of the water, the lotus flower symbolizes the purity of heart and soul.

It stands for a long life, health, honour and good fortune.

On the one hand, the objective of SanuraSPA is to offer wellness on the highest level as well as massages from different countries.  On the other hand, we would like to offer our guests "wholistic" wellness.  For example, we would like to serve our guests with medical, classic massages, wellness massages, exclusive facial treatmens and much more.

In order to improve the water quality at our SPA, we installed the GRANDER® water revitalisation in our central water supply and heating in March 2013.  The technology of GRANDER® water revitalisation gives the water back its strength and vitality, so that it is once again what it originally was.  In this process, nothing is added or removed from the water.

By means of offering GRANDER® water, we would like to offer our guests a harmonious feeling.

Allow yourself the pleasure and enjoy GRANDER® water.  You will feel how new energy flows through your body and how the water contributes to an increased feeling of well-being.

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