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GRANDER® and Energie Münchwilen AG: a success story!

Energie Münchwilen AG Energie Münchwilen AG Energie Münchwilen AG
GRANDER® made contributions to the following two projects: the ‘Murgtal wood chip heating plant’ project was kicked off in 2011, but after only a few months of operation, contaminations in the plate heat exchanger started causing problems. Chemical, physical, and microbial analyses showed that the contaminations were caused by microbial factors.

Based on the vast experience gained in many years of advising customers on biological problems of industrial and heating system applications, we recommended the installation of a GRANDER® Circulation Unit in the heating plant, which would be able to solve the issues without water exchange.

Laboratory analyses proved the effectiveness of this approach: GRANDER® water revitalization cleaned and stabilized the heating plant’s water in a visible and measurable way.

As a result, a GRANDER® Circulation Unit was installed from the very beginning in a new communal heating system that was set up and put into operation in September 2014. Once completed, this second project will be considerably larger than the ‘Murgtal’ project. In addition to single-family and apartment buildings, it also supplies energy to the industrial company Diversey AG, which operates commercial facilities and a restaurant on its premises. When this heating system was put into operation using demineralized water, it took only 14 days until a considerable amount of foul-smelling silt deposits had formed. The industrial heating grid had been connected without rinsing or exchanging the water and due to the high solubilizing capacity of GRANDER® water revitalization, the silt deposits in the piping system had started to come off.

As GRANDER® water revitalization triggers the circulation water’s organic purification properties, no further measures were necessary besides the use of a pH buffer solution to gradually clarify the smelly and silty water. The project support team regularly takes samples and confirms that the circulation system’s water was fully and sustainably cleaned.

GRANDER® Circulation Units stabilize circulation water in a sustainable way, as a result of which no buffers or inhibitors are needed. For operators, this means increased efficiency and also a vital contribution to environmental protection.

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