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Bakery Confectionery Moosberger Bakery Confectionery Moosberger Bakery Confectionery Moosberger
Sweeten up your day with homemade specialties from our confectionery. Enjoy crunchy, fresh bread from our bakery!

"I wouldn't want to do without GRANDER water revitalisation.  I have made great experiences with it," head baker, Willi Moosberger from Wildegg, comments.  Since 2000 he has been mixing the flour with GRANDER revitalized water and achieves excellent doughs.

He recalls a brief story, "I participated with other bakeries in a test, in which we tried using flour from a certain mill.  My dough was the only one that matured faster, the dough had more volume and developed better than the others.  Consequently, I came to the positive conclusion that the installation of the GRANDER water revitalisation was responsible for these results," he explains.

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