Nafzger Bakery - associated with care and respect for tradition

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Schweiz
The "Bakery - Pastry - Cafe Nafzger" is a middle-sized business in the town centre of Waengi, Switzerland, which produces and sells the finest foods and brings delight to all its customers.  According to Christian Nafzger, "We all like to drink GRANDER® water and it is noticeable that the bread stays fresh longer compared to the time before we used water revitalisation."

Buergin Backery - natural and ecologically finest breads

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Schweiz
The greatest wish of backer master, Kurt Buergin, from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland is to guarantee his nutrition-conscious customers that the baking products made in his bakery are of the absolute highest quality.  An important raw material and contributor to the quality is GRANDER water.

Schumacher Bakery - We bake with GRANDER water

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Deutschland
Since 1994 master baker, Rudi Schumacher, has been using revitalized GRANDER® water for his bread.  He truly belongs to the "old hands" of the GRANDER® users.  "I make 3 to 4 times more bread than before.  That is really something," Schumacher says.  The numerous benefits of GRANDER® are familiar to him due to his many years of observation.

Schloss Beck Bakery - a fresher idea

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Schweiz
The water at Schloss-Beck in Nidau and Lyss, Switzerland is revitalized according to the GRANDER® method and offers many, positive effects:  hot beverages such as coffee or tea are finer in their structure, doughs are more flexible and the structure of our baked goods is more refined, we require less dish detergent when washing up and there is less calcification in our pipes.

Hotline +800 000 20335

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