Confectionery Spirig GmbH, Diepoldsau - never a dull moment for the sweet bread toppings!

On March 15, 1990 the Confectionery Spirig was officially opened.  The name confectionery was chosen, since the emphasis was on the pastry and confectionery goods.  The bread had been bought from another baker, but the customers wanted Toni bread.  Therefore, a large baking oven was purchased and the bread was immediately made in-house from that point on.  Today, there are up to 20 different kinds made each day depending on the weekday!

As the business grew and space became tight, the desire to expand the company's building grew as well.  In May 1996 renovations started and during the holidays the business moved.  After the renovations, the offerings were expanded and the Spirig Family could finally respond to the various wishes of their customers.  It comprised of an extended range of products covering: baked goods, confectionery and pastry goods, food as well as frozen products.  In short, everything that one wants for breakfast, dessert and in between.

Since 1996 the Confectionery Spirig team has been using revitalized GRANDER® water.  The installation was done directly to the main water pipe and the following benefits have been observed:

-  increased drinking enjoyment through finer taste

- gentle on the skin when washing dishes

- more freshness, taste and longer shelf life of the food products

-  the coffee made with GRANDER® water has a more intense aroma

- the water returns revitalized to nature and is advantageous for the environment

- astonishingly few lime deposits in the oven's steam pipes as well as in the water tank

In our bakery we notice that the doughs are silkier, allow for easier kneading and the bread stays fresher longer, as well as the taste being more intense.  This is true for all baked goods, as well as our cakes, etc.

Our homemade cherry spirits specialty (Williams, Cognac, Whisky, ...) have a unique aroma, and the taste of the schnaps is also refined through the mobile GRANDER® revitalisation cylinder.

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Hotline +800 000 20335

Free phone international service number for calls from AT, DE (Landline, mobile), IT (Landline), CH (Landline), ES (Landline), FR (Landline)


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