Jean Soller AG, Neukirch Egnach - family-run laying hen breeders since 1928

Jean Soller AG Jean Soller AG Jean Soller AG
The breeding of laying hens is the basis for healthy, strong and productive hens.  Their requirements are not to be underestimated since they have to physically perform well in order to satisfy the farmer with their laying efficiency and the egg quality. 

At the same time, they have to deal with everything that their surroundings confronts them with.  For example, their immune systems are often challenged.  In order to protect their animals, both breeders and farmers must work together to place the health of their animals as the highest priority.

Important components are: a good stall climate, animal material, food and in particular, stable water, which we improve with the help of the GRANDER® water revitalisation devices, before we give it to the animals for drinking.  Only in this way can the health of the animals and, consequently, the associated food safely be guaranteed.  And we also uphold the good reputation of the Swiss eggs.

Our animals are suited for the professional egg production, for the smaller poultry farmers and also for the hobby farmer.

Naturally, we supply and consult the professional egg producers with large numbers of animals all the way to the many smaller poultry and hobby farmers.

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