Jenzer Meats & Delicatessen AG, Arlesheim - tradition for more than 115 years!

100% Jenzer Natural Quality is the motto

Jenzer Meats & Delicatessen AG Jenzer Meats & Delicatessen AG Jenzer Meats & Delicatessen AG
Jenzer Meats & Delicatessen - tradition for more than 115 years! The butcher shop Jenzer is a family owned business with 70 employees, which is led by Christoph Jenzer of the 4th generation.  For more than 115 years now the Jenzer Family has been operating the butcher shop with lots of pleasure and strength.

Their motto is Jenzer Natural Quality!

They only sell meat originating from organically run farms with animal-appropriate conditions, and great emphasis is placed on the shortest possible transport routes.

The company's headquarters are in Arlesheim, where the production, Goldwurst kitchen, wholesale distribution, party service, administration and the Gasthof zum Ochsen restaurant are run.  In addition, there are two specialty shops in Reinach/BL and Muttenz.

In 2008 there were problems with rusty water in the hotel rooms of the neighbouring restaurant - Gasthof zum Ochsen.  With the help of GRANDER® water revitalisation the problem was solved - successfully!  Soon other benefits were observed:  the water quality in the kitchen and in the butcher shop was significantly improved.  The Goldwurst sausages have been so much better with revitalized water.  The biggest difference was noticed by us in the drinking water: it is simply a pleasure to drink GRANDER® water!

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Hotline +800 000 20335

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