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Kunz AG Art of Sweets Kunz AG Art of Sweets Kunz AG Art of Sweets
This is how bread looks when made with GRANDER® water!

Afternoon Snack

We are proud to say that our 24-hour farmhouse bread, which is made with GRANDER® water, little yeast, wheat flour and 18% rye flour as wellas sea salt has an umatched aroma and stays fresh for 3 - 4 days.

The bread is a total hit with customers and is available after 2 pm daily in our bakery.  If you don't reach the bakery before 5 pm some days, you may find a sign saying "sold out" on the counter.

Bread as it used to be!  Of course, GRANDER® water plays an important role in the superior quality of the bread, and we wouldn't want to do without it.

Winner of the Swiss Baking Award 2014  http://www.baeckerkrone.ch/gewinner/2014-2/

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