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Increased freshness and quality thanks to GRANDER®

The experiences with revitalized water in the restaurant industry and many positive results seen by other food manufacturerers were considered by cooperative chairmen, Hans Leo and Josef Bogner, when deciding to incorporate GRANDER® water revitalisation in their business.  In the end they did, with great success as it turns out.

"Drinking revitalized water provides me with a better feeling; it feels softer and even the dumpling water reacts positively," Josef Bogner explains.  In order to be successful with the end product, the quality of the milk as a raw material, the ability of the cheese maker and the hygiene are all important factors.  Products, made with GRANDER® water, have a finer consistency, better taste, more flavour and stand out due to the longer-lasting freshness.

Apart from that, Hans Leo and Josef Bogner are very pleased with the reduction in deposits in the installation system and increased fat-soluability.  In addition, the decrease in cleaning products means an ecological and economical benefit as well.

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