Feldingers Hausgartl in Wals near Salzburg

GRANDER® provides cress with better taste

Johann Feldinger Sr. @Feldinger Organic Farm Johann Feldinger Sr.
One of the first to recognize the connection between growth, plant quality and revitalized water was the organic farmer, Johann Feldinger Sr. from Salzburg.  In the meantime, Johann Feldinger Jr. has taken over the business.  Among the 40 different types of vegetables, garden cress has been grown as a second, important pillar for their business.

Cress requires only water and natural sunlight to grow over a short period of time.

Both bosses report on their experience with GRANDER® water revitalisation:

"Through the use of GRANDER®'s water revitalisation device the cress sprouts faster than with normal water.  The cress is much stronger and darker, has more flavour and therefore sells better."

Our cress has been tested for vital quality - there is a considerable difference when compared to regular cress.  Since cress practically grows only with water, this difference comes mainly from the water.  "Feldingers Hausgartl" cress is available throughout Austria - natural and organic from Salzburg.