Garden Cress from Oekohof Feldinger

Eco and GRANDER® complement each other beautifully

Whether it's on your buttered bread or used as soup seasoning or simply as a little garden on the window sill in your own kitchen:  The revitalized garden cress belongs on the dining table. It is rich in vitamin B and C, iron, calcium and folic acid.

As eco-pioneers, the Feldinger family realized nature, in its abundance, has everything that is good for us and tastes good too - starting with food all the way to many necessary things for everyday life.

Consequently, the Oekohof Feldinger was founded in 1999 by Elisabeth Feldinger, which was the first eco-market in Salzburg offering a full range of bio-food products, natural cosmetics as well as ecological household articles.

Depending on the season, a huge selection of fresh vegetables is offered daily from their own fields, that Hans Feldinger Jr., from the family's second generation, biologically cultivated.  This is unique in Salzburg.

"Bio-quality, freshess and originating locally are priorities for us.  Seasonal vegetables come directly out of my brother's own bio-agriculture. When it comes to all other items in the product range, I choose trusted partners and suppliers, and select products that are as locally grown as possible."

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