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GRANDER® - a noticeable difference

The DanKuechen Studio in Rosenheim is a family owned and operated business in Chiemgau.  The kitchen plays a central role in the lives of all families, and for us it is not different.

With our kitchen studio Dan Kuechen Rosenheim, we are living our concept of very modern, functional and clear kitchens as seen in our designs.  Tradition and sustainability, as well as a love for nature and our country all create a connection, that makes US stand out.

We place great emphasis on healthy nutrition, therefore we pay close attention to obtaining our food from the region and to considerate preparation.

Since 2012 we have had the water revitalisation technology by GRANDER®  and we enjoy its benefits every day.  We are very grateful that the psoriasis, which has tortured me for many years, is completely gone.  I had undergone many different therapies, however they all didn't help in the end.  GRANDER® has been a transparent miracle for me!

Even our two cats, that had absolutely ignored water, were enthusiastic about drinking the water from the first day on.  My stainless steel watering cans are always filled with GRANDER®  water, and are clear and clean inside and outside for the first time ever.

We have also noticed that something has really changed through our revitalized water.  Consequently, we want to share this water with our customers and employees.  Therefore, we decided to have it installed in our kitchen studio as well.

The concept of sustainability is very important for us, therefore we clean our high-quality household appliances with GRANDER® water: the dishwasher, coffee machine and my personal favourite kitchen device, the combi steamer made by the Swiss company V-Zug, are all kept clean with GRANDER®.

Everything just tastes much better.  Naturally, we bake our own bread and rolls.  Both in the dough as well as in the combi steamer, GRANDER® water guarantees top results: wonderfully tasting breads!

Whether it is coffee, bread, vegetables... one notices the difference.

"We found out about GRANDER® water through our favourite hotel Arosea Life Balance in Ultental in South Tyrol.  Upon drinking it for the first time, we were completely unaware of the benefits GRANDER® water offered.  We experienced the positive effects while drinking, eating and especially in the swimming pool, where our eyes were not irritated for the first time ever because pools using GRANDER® don't require any or very little chlorine.  

It is important to us to tell others about GRANDER® water.

Hans and Gaby Winhart with their staff

DanKuechen Rosenheim


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