Eckelt Glass - Daughter Company of the French Saint-Gobain, a global entreprise

GRANDER® advantages seen in glass manufacturing

The company Eckelt Glass from Steyr, Austria swears by GRANDER® for its glass manufacturing.  The company belongs to the daughter company of the French, global enterprise Saint-Gobain, a leading group in the area of glass production and thermal insulation.  Saint-Gobain is recognized as one of the largest industrial enterprises of the world.

The company is involved in the business fields:  glass systems, design, thermal insulation, safety, sun protection and interiors.  In addition, a completely new symbiosis between art and glass is being contested.

GRANDER® water revitalisation has been used in the glass production for grinding and rinsing since 2003. Within the glass production water is necessary for polishing cut edges, getting rid of dirt and the cooling of the glass.

"The dirt and dust always rested on the machines after the glass production and was very difficult to remove," Heinz Baumgartner, who is responsible for machine maintenance, reports. The glass dust, that accumulates on the pumps and filters, can be much more easily cleaned and removed now with GRANDER® water revitalisation.  Earlier the filters were only used 3 - 4 times, now they are used up to 20 times.

"The decision of the management to have GRANDER® water revitalisation installed was definitely the right step.  We have been able to save on flocculating substances, the cleaning maintenance has been optimized and the water quality improved," Baumgartner summarizes.

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