Herger Klimaholzbau AG in Spiringen, Switzerland - 3 generations, one company!

80 years of experience and quality!

Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen
The company "Herger Klimaholzbau AG" is proud to look back on a rich 80-year-time span of experience, but also look forward to a hopeful future.  The cooperation and performance of the young, motivated team as well as the involvement of the future-oriented, innovated manager and his wife, form the healthy basis for the coming years.

Mrs. Cornelia Herger wrote to us about her experience with GRANDER® water revitalisation:

  • I have a feeling of overall well-being using GRANDER® water.
  • The water is soft, fine and very pleasant to drink.
  • It is also great for skin and hair, which feel soft and silky after showering or bathing, and I need much less shampoo and body lotion now.
  • I often notice the difference to other water, especially when I am on the go by bike and I have to fill my water bottle up.
  • Since we have had the GRANDER® water device, I have consumed more water, which in turn has a positive effect on my physical health.  For example, I feel energetic and content; I can eliminate more toxins from my kidneys, therefore detoxing my body is easier; my metabolism works much better, and so on.
  • I never want to be without GRANDER® again.
  • GRANDER® water accompanies me everywhere:  when I am drinking, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, watering my flowers, simply everywhere.  Even the heating circulation works flawlessly in our company.

We like to go into detail and tell our customers about it, and we are very interested in water.  In order to achieve optimal water quality without service or maintenance, we have chosen the GRANDER® water revitalisation.  We often talk about our experiences with GRANDER® water revitalisation with our builders and distributors in our office over a glass of water.

Spiringen is located about 7 km east of Altdorf on the right side of the Schaechen Valley, on Klausenstrasse at 938 m above sea level.  The homes of approx. 850 inhabitants are arranged according to the Alemannic way of settlement, scattering over the entire municipality.  The highest of which are situated between 1,600 and 1,700 m above sea level and lived in year-round.  Despite our good water quality here in Spiringen, nevertheless I noticed an enormous difference with the GRANDER® water revitalisation.  The installation of the GRANDER® water revitalisation is also greatly appreciated by our employees, who now drink a lot more water from the taps.

Based on our positive experience, we often talk about GRANDER® with our builders and distributors who come to our office, who thoroughly enjoy a glass of water!  Natural, light, soft, fine, pleasant...simply good!


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