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Technicians confirm the effect of GRANDER® in the cooling system

Isosport is the international, leading manufacturer of ski and snowboard materials made of synthetics and is now a leading supplier to the ski, snowboarding, record, automotive, construction, sport and leisure industries.  A special branch is the production of strings for tennis rackets.  High-grade raw materials ensure teh quality of the finished products.  The installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation took place in 1998.

The cooling of the plastics moulding machines, the so-called extrusion system, is particularly important.  Here, the plastics granules are melted and forced through a nozzle, before being moulded into the appropriate shape on a calendaring machine, a system consisting of several heated and polished rolls, arranged one on top of the other, and finally cooled.

"If the cooling fails or if the heat is not optimally distributed by the cooling rolls, the plastic warps.  This, in turn, means that these products are unsuitable for further processing," explaines development engineer Guener Jurassovits.  Prior to the installation of GRANDER®, hardness stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors had to be added to ensure constant cooling water conditions and remove algae and rust.

"After installation of GRANDER® water revitalisation, we reduced the use of chemicals by 20% and, a year later, we were able to do without chemicals altogether, since conditions in the cooling system had stabilized," announces Jurassovits.

"We have now reached a good, constant cooling water quality," reports the technician.  "This means that the systems for cooling our products run considerably more uninterrupted."

"In our experience, it is possible to stabilize the cooling water without using any kinds of chemicals thanks to GRANDER®."



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