Films about Johann Grander and Water

Johann Grander is the ambassador of revitalised water. It symbolizes respect for creation, modesty and unconventional thinking.
His life, his discovery but also the experiences of users and the science behind revitalized water are popular topics of TV documentaries and reports.

Enjoy watching the films surrounding the topic of water and Johann Grander.

Bakery and Cafe Rieß

"For over 10 years, we have been serving our café guests a small glass of revitalized GRANDER® water with their coffee.  So far, we have always poured the water from a glass jug or pre-filled several glasses for busier times."

Turbo Wash in Schweitenkirchen

The use of GRANDER® water in the various areas of the car wash - in the truck cleaning area, in the car interior washing machine and also in the self-service washing area - the amount of detergents has been reduced by about 15%, which is a further contribution to helping the environment.

Memminger Brewery - Allgaeuer Beer with Tradition

The traditional Memminger Brewery GmbH situated in the Allgaeu has existed since the end of the 19th century and is one of the most important as well as largest breweries in Germany.  The family business has the objective to make everything even better, and you know that convincing quality is the basis of the business.

Spanish Riding School in Vienna

They are as emblematic of Austria and Vienna as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Giant Ferris Wheel, and the Vienna Opera House: the Spanish Riding School’s Lipizzaner horses. In October 2003, a GRANDER® Inline Unit was installed in the Vienna stables of the Spanish Riding School. In April 2005, another one was installed in the horses’ summer quarters in Heldenberg, Lower Austria.