Hotels & Restaurants

More value through GRANDER® water revitalization

It is in the hotel and gastronomy industry that we see such a wide range of uses for the element water.  As a result of this, there is a lot of feedback regarding the experiences with revitalized GRANDER® Water from the guests, hotel owners and restaurant owners as well as chefs too.

With GRANDER® only the best of the guests

  • GRANDER® Water tastes good, is healthy and is easy to drink
  • bathing and showering with revitalized water has a special feeling of wellness
  • dishes develop stronger flavours; fruit and vegetables keep fresh longer
  • coffee has more volume and tastes more intense
  • revitalized swimming pool water feels softer; eyes don't burn and the smell of chlorine is greatly reduced

Ecological Advantages through GRANDER® water revitalization

  • laundry and cleaning products can be reduced
  • saves time through decreased need for maintenance
  • optimization of swimming pool chemicals
  • increased system protection: devices and technical plants are less impacted, the need for maintenance decreases
  • support of the natural circulation

GRANDER® offers value for hotel and restaurant owners

GRANDER® Water makes it possible for businesses within the tourist industry to:

  • find new ways to satisfy the needs of the guests
  • improve their image through positive reactions from guests
  • create customer loyalty through "a feeling of well-being"
  • target new customer groups
  • incorporate more attractive features in their business


>> Experiences of GRANDER® users from the sector "Hotels & Gastronomy"...



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