The Milestone Detox, UK

A revitalized detox paradise

In 2015, Helena and Jonathan Cavan turned their home in the Cotswolds into a place of retreat for guests looking for a healthier lifestyle. The Milestone Detox offers detox packages that are based on a diet consisting of natural juices and raw food and also include various treatments.

In his search for the highest quality water for use in the preparation of the juices and the enjoyment of guests of the detox center in general, Jonathan Cavan discovered GRANDER water revitalization. The couple purchased a GRANDER Energy Board to test the impact of GRANDER water revitalization. It did not take long for them to be able to smell, feel, and taste the difference: cut flowers placed on the board stayed fresh for longer, plants watered with revitalized water startet to bloom, and guests drank more water because it simply tasted better. Encouraged by these and other effects, Helena and Jonathan Cavan acquired further Energy Boards and decided to also invest in a GRANDER Inline Unit for theri house´s main water line.

!We want guests to continue their path of a healthier lifestyle after they leave us. That´s why we encourage every guest to have GRANDER water revitalization installed in their home", Helena Cavan says.


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