Toni and Vreni von Rotz

GRANDER is a sustainable, ecological and economical investments that makes sense

"We have been using the GRANDER® water revitalisaton for years now.  My wife is very enthusiastic about it.  The garden also gets GRANDER® water and blossoms vibrantly."  Toni von Rotz-Siegfried from St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland comments.

The Rotz-Siegried family from St. Gallenkappel didn't have much luck with their pond.  It was never clear, the water plants didn't reproduce and the purchased water lillies hardly survived one season.  The GRANDER adviser analysed the situation and determined that the water was too strongly burdened due to the raw iron sculptures and the circulation pumps, and he suggested the installation of the GRANDER double cylinder.

Toni von Rotz-Siegfried is very pleased, "Our biotope has never had such clear water, the water plants are flourishing and the water lillies are blooming.  There is no other reason other than GRANDER for the very positive, changed state, as we didn't alter anything in the cleaning or elsewhere.  It was not such an inexpensive investment, however calulated over many years it proves to be cost-effective."

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