Family Kovacs Walter in Hall near Admont

Our biotope with a content of approx. 1.5 m³ has existed for approx. 13 years. Every year a dense carpet of algae formed that could not be removed despite repeated water changes. After the water revitalization was installed in our single-family home at the beginning of May 2012, the biotope was filled with revitalized water for the first time after basic cleaning. Despite a very hot summer and a lack of shade, fortunately there was no algae carpet and the water bubbled crystal clear.

We also found that the limescale deposits in the kettle were much easier to clean after installing the revitalizer. Above all, we are happy to be able to enjoy lively and healthy drinking water again, especially since our water supplier had to install a UV radiation system due to germ formation.

Now not only the water but also the tea and coffee taste much better than before. We would no longer give up the water revitalization and can recommend this product with conviction!


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