Mueller Family from Aeschi - Even the goats could be convinced!

Mueller Family Children Family Ch. & B. Mueller Mueller Family Children
As a "certified atlaslogist SVFA" I am well aware of how important water is both for our bodies as food and as an information carrier for better physical function, in particular for our discs.

After becoming familiar with the GRANDER water technology and researching the fundamental philosophy behind it, my family of six decided to take the test and compare  GRANDER water to our conventional tap water in order to convince ourselves.

We liked the taste of this water much better and all of us, including the children, now drink much more water instead of the sweetened beverages.  Even the coffee had an improved, fuller aroma.

What truly convinced us was the test we did with our goats, which were drawn to the bucket filled with revitalized water over the other pail containing "normal" water, which they left alone.  Since then we have installed the  GRANDER water revitalisation device, and we are totally convinced that the investment for our family has really paid off.

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