Gronbach family – private household, Munich

GRANDER accompanies us the entire day

At the Gronbach family's home GRANDER® water has been flowing for 8 years now.  Since then the entire family drinks only water and the girls enjoy the soft bathing water for hours on end!

All four children in the Gronbach family take the GRANDER water from home to school with them, "We all drink it and always have water on hand.  The water simply tastes much better than any juice," explains son, Ben.

"It is nice to see that the children no longer need to be reminded to stay hydrated, because the girls in our family have drunk very little in the past and very reluctantly.  In the meantime, they are filling up their bottles and always have it with them," says Stefanie Gronbach.  Daughters Jule and Sophie try to take as much water as possible to school in order not to run out since the water at home tastes so much better.

Stefanie Gronbach has also put an end to applying cream to her dry hands since installing GRANDER, and the girls enjoy the soft bathing water for hours on end and it is hard to get them out of the bathtub.

"The GRANDER revitalized water accompanies us through the entire day!  Whether we are at home or on the road, we always drink water, that's clear!  And, we do this because of the taste!"  Bernd Gronbach summarizes.



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