Private Pool – Clean without Chemicals Thanks to GRANDER

Bathing in pure GRANDER water!

The Gerber family’s pool The Gerber family The Gerber family’s pool
We have received a message from the Gerber family: ‘Friends told us about GRANDER® water revitalization years ago. We installed an Inline Unit right away, enjoying the pleasant water when having a shower or a glass of water ever since.’

‘Once, we had to flush the pipes of the underfloor heating system due to technical issues. These pipes were then refilled with GRANDER water. We had forgotten to have the boiler descaled. So we had this done for the first time in 20 years. And thanks to GRANDER, it will not be necessary again for another 20 years!’

‘Our pool has been in operation since 25 April 2002. We have not used chemicals for it a single time. We bathe in pure GRANDER water! The water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius (the water is heated with solar panels). When the weather has been hot and humid for several days and is forecast to change, the water increasingly turns greenish, murky, and sometimes you even cannot see the pool’s floor anymore. But after the rain, the water becomes clear again within two to three days. Since the children have moved out and the pool is no longer occupied all day long, we cover the pool during the day whenever it is not used to keep the sun out. This considerably prevents the water from becoming murky.’


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