Herger Klimaholzbau AG in Spiringen, Switzerland - 3 generations, one company!

80 years of experience and quality!

Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen Herger Klimaholzbau AG, Spiringen
Three generations, one company! The company "Herger Klimaholzbau AG" is proud to look back on a rich history spanning 80 years of experience, but they can also look forward to a hopeful future.  The solidarity and performance of the young, motivated team as well as the involvement of the future-oriented and innovative manager and his wife form the healthy basis for the years to come.

About 10 km east of the Klausen Pass from the direction of Altdorf lies the mountain village of Spiringen located on the left side of the valley in Schaechental.  It is situated on an elevation of 938 m and has approx. 850 inhabitants.  The houses are spread out over the municipality according to the Alemannic settlement style.  The highest buildings, which are lived in year-round, can be found between 1,600 and 1,700 m above sea level.

Cornelia Herger has written to the company about her experiences with GRANDER water revitalisation:

  • I feel an overall sense of well-being with GRANDER water
  • the water is so soft, fine and very pleasant to drink
  • it is also wonderful for one's skin and hair, which feel soft and silky after having a shower or bath; you only need very little shampoo and body lotion
  • I often notice the difference to other water especially when I am out biking and have to fill up my water bottle on the go
  • since having the GRANDER water device, I drink more water, which hjas a positive effect on my physical health, for example: I feel lighter and better since I am able to eliminate toxins via my kidneys, therefore improved detoxification of the body and my metabolism works better, etc.
  • I never want to be without GRANDER water again
  • GRANDER water is used everywhere: for drinking, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, watering the plants, etc. simply everywhere.  Even the heating system in our company works with GRANDER without a hitch.

We like to go into detail when talking to our clients.  In order to achieve optimal water quality without service or maintenance, we have chosen GRANDER water revitalisation technology.

Despite our high water quality in Spiringen, we still notice an enormous difference with having the GRANDER water revitalisation.  The purchase of the GRANDER water revitalisation is appreciated by our employees as well, who now drink more from the tap.

We gladly pass on our positive experiences to our building constructors as well as distributors over a glass of GRANDER water!  Natural, light, soft, fine, inviting...simply good!

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