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GRANDER and Energie Münchwilen AG: a success story!

Energie Münchwilen AG Energie Münchwilen AG Energie Münchwilen AG
The following is a summary of the two projects: The one project "Schnitzelheizwerk Murgtal" was created in 2011 and had problems with the gluing of the plate heat exchanger after the first months of operation. After a chemical, physical and microbiological examination, the problem was found on the microbiological side!

Due to many years of experience in industrial and heating circuit applications with biological problems, we have been able to recommend the GRANDER circuit revitalization to the problem solution in the heat circuit without having to change the water.

The success of a biological clarification and stabilization of the circulatory water, through the use of the GRANDER water revitalization, was confirmed visibly and measurable by appropriate laboratory analyses.

As a result, the GRANDER circulation system was installed as early as the realization of the newly constructed thermal compound project commissioned in September 2014.  This project is several times bigger than the "Murgtal" project.  In addition to single and multi-family residential buildings, the industrial company Diversey AG is also integrated with the commercial buildings on the site and a restaurant.  Already during commissioning with demineralized water, a strong and stinking sludge appeared within flushing and water change, and the soiling in the piping system has been solved by the high solution properties of the GRANDER water technology!

Due to the biological clarification properties of the circulating water, which was activated by the GRANDER water revitalization, the polluted and muddied circulating water has continued to be clarified without additional measures, apart from feeding the pH buffer. The water samples taken continuously by the project management confirm that the circulating water is completely and sustainably clarified.

The GRANDER circulation system has a long-lasting effect on the circulation of the water, so that no additional buffers or inhibitors have to be used.  This in turn gives the operator increased profitability and a significant contribution to environmental protection.



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