Garage Lagler AG, Einsiedeln

Latest technology - equipped with GRANDER

Garage Lagler AG, Einsiedeln Garage Lagler AG, Einsiedeln Garage Lagler AG, Einsiedeln
In the autumn of 1981 the trained mechanic André Lagler took over the existing Pneucenter. With brands such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Mitsubishi and Kia, André Lagler and his wife Theres have created a considerable customer base in a very short time.

Today Garage Lagler AG offers a workplace for six people. In addition to the AVIA petrol station, the company also has a textile washing machine (autowash system) that complies with the latest standards. In several construction stages, the company has been adapted and extended to the most modern requirements. The GRANDER Water Revitalization Technology was installed throughout the entire house in 2004.

Family Lagler tells us:

"The lime has been visibly refined, especially in the car wash system, the reduced limescale deposits can be used for massive cleaning agents. The modern CHRIST-Primus system, with the latest textile fiber technology, is easy to clean, the nozzles no longer clog. Thus, the cleaning effort could be reduced noticeably and the savings could be put toward another reasonable investment. Overall, the cleaning effort has been reduced by approx. 50% ".

"In addition, considerably more tap water has been consumed since the installation of the GRANDER Water Revitalization".

After a great satisfaction with the domestic water connection, the heating system was equipped with a GRANDER Circulation Unit in May 2010. The goal was to protect the pipeline system against sludge and corrosion. This goal has been fully achieved thanks to GRANDER.

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