Lake Kaltenbrunn Successfully Revitalized Since 1999

GRANDER revitalizes bathing lake

Lake Kaltenbrunn close to Prem Lake Kaltenbrunn close to Prem
Nestled between rolling hills, Lake Kaltenbrunn is an idyllic and scenic bathing lake close to the Upper Bavarian municipality of Prem, located between Halblech and Lechbruck. Eleven hectares large, it is a favorite spot for many people from Prem and its surroundings, who come to swim or fish.

For very many years, the ‘Fischereiverein Oberer Lech e.V.’ fishing association has held the leasehold of the lake. Members of the association delight about the broad range of fish species in the lake, such as eel, trout, pike, carp, char, and zander, to name just a few.

The lake has always been somewhat swampy, and in the 1980s, the water quality started deteriorating. In the summer months, oxygen levels in deeper parts of the lake were a cause of concern. Until 1994, the water was treated with up to a ton of quicklime distributed throughout the lake using a motor boat during the summers. But sometimes even this measure could not prevent low-oxygen dead zones in the lake.

Lake Kaltenbrunn increasingly lost its appeal as a bathing lake. In 1995, however, after the population of Prem had heard about outstanding results achieved through GRANDER water revitalization in the neighboring municipality’s open-air swimming pool, two GRANDER devices were used to treat the lake’s water for the first time. The two units used were lent to the municipality by GRANDER consultant Claus Schoch.

The summer of 1995 was very hot, but for the first time, it was not necessary to treat the lake’s water with quicklime. A microbiological water analysis carried out in early October 1995 revealed that the total bacterial count was significantly lower than had been the case when the water was tested in early July of the same year.

Between 1996 and 1998, no GRANDER devices were used to treat the water.

In these three years, it was necessary, just as had been the case before, to treat the lake’s water using large amounts of quicklime. When the lake turned foul again in the summer of 1998, the responsible parties decided to return to the use of GRANDER.

In February 1999, the fishing association and the municipality of Prem joined forces and purchased two GRANDER devices. They have been in use ever since and revitalize the water between April and November (due to issues with freezing lake water, the units are not used in the rest of the year).

Twenty years of GRANDER water revitalization in Lake Kaltenbrunn speak a clear language:

Lake Kaltenbrunn has not turned foul again since 1999

No more quicklime application since 1999

No problems of any kind have been reported

Fishermen and -women are very satisfied

People from the surroundings enjoy swimming in the lake again

Water analyses conducted by the responsible health authorities in regular intervals consistently find that the lake has ‘excellent water quality’ suitable for use as a bathing lake

Water lilies have returned to the lake

Helmut Wörle (first chairman) and the other members of the fishing association are very happy about the positive development of Lake Kaltenbrunn’s water quality. The two revitalization devices purchased 15 years ago have been reliably fulfilling their purpose, never requiring maintenance and working in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Helmut Wörle reports that he can vividly recall the skeptical attitude of the official responsible for hygiene matters at the health authorities in Weilheim when he first learned about GRANDER water revitalization.

But when the authorities witnessed significant drops in water quality in numerous lakes in the region in the extremely hot summer of 2003 while Lake Kaltenbrunn preserved its outstanding water quality throughout the hot summer months, even the hygiene expert realized that GRANDER works!



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