World Water Day: Celebrated Across the Globe on 22 March 2021

This year’s motto: ‘Valuing water’

World Water Day: Celebrated Across the Globe on 22 March 2021 (c) Tim Hertel
In 1993, the United Nations established World Water Day to be held annually on 22 March.

In 1992, a proposal to dedicate a day as World Water Day was made at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro. The United Nations General Assembly supported this initiative and passed a respective resolution, making way for an annual World Water Day to be celebrated from 1993. Since its inception, World Water Day has been increasing in significance every year.

World Water Day is an occasion to turn our attention to a topic of global importance.

To further a conversation on water, the UN chose ‘Valuing water’ for this year’s motto. In particular, it expresses that water means different things to different people. True to this year’s motto, the UN is inviting people all over the world to share their stories, feelings, and thoughts about water with the world.

This year’s motto is also intended to highlight how water impacts our lives. What is more, it is a call to appreciate water and take effective efforts to protect and conserve it. This way, World Water Day is an outstanding opportunity to educate people about water and encourage them to support measures aimed at its protection.

GRANDER® joins the celebrations by offering exciting campaigns, including a raffle and a photo competition >>weltwassertag.com (German).

GRANDER® is also committed to making a change for people without access to clean water, supporting projects such as >>Clean water for Cambodiaand the >>Five Bridges Run, to name just two examples.

Drink plenty of water, take care of yourself and set an example for our water with us!



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